Cellfix - Cellphone Repairs, Victoria BC

Ever brought your phone back, and been told to buy a new one?

We're here to tell you about another option . . . Repair it! Most repairs can be accomplished for 40% or less of the replacement cost of a new phone. Anybody who has ever had to buy a phone in the middle of their contract knows that the replacement cost can be big bucks!

Don't want to extend your Contract?

There can be other costs to consider as well. There are service fees, possible cost of new accessories, and the possible loss of all your contact info and data on your original phone.

So if your old phone is really not that old, and you were happy with it but its not working so well anymore then maybe its time you called us.

Welcome to CellFix!

The image Cellfix wants to create in the marketplace is that we are "your service shop". Handling repair issues is a difficult process at the best of times. Our business is repair issues; it's what we do every day. All you have to do is make the decision to use Cellfix for your repairs and we will handle the rest.

The electronic repair industry has been plagued for years with operators using questionable business practices. It always seemed strange to me that people in any industry would disregard what I consider one of the fundamental rules of doing business. You have to do what you say you are going to do, period. This is a concept so simple that you would think that everyone would be doing it. Sadly, it seems there are few companies left that understand that if you want to stay in business you have to do it right. It's very simple really. You do what you say you are going to do. Reputation is everything! Saying we are going to do something means that we will do it. Doing it right is what business the old fashioned way is all about.

Wow! I was prepared to drop $300 on a new phone...who knew I could save mine for $75!
Thank you soo much! You saved my life, and you fixed my phone an hour before my meeting...
I will never take my cell anywhere else. You guys just made a customer for life

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